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SIUT Sukkur: Spearheading Equitable Medical Services in Rural Sindh

SIUT Sukkur: Pioneering Healthcare Accessibility in Rural Sindh

NICVD’s Advanced Cardiac Facility in Sukkur: A Hub of Heart Health Services

Nestled within the vibrant landscape of Sindh province in Pakistan, the Sindh Institute of Urology and Transplantation (SIUT) Sukkur shines as a symbol of medical solace for many. Founded on the principle of delivering healthcare services to all, irrespective of social or economic status, SIUT Sukkur has risen to become a cornerstone of medical excellence in the region's rural expanse.

At the core of SIUT Sukkur's mission lies a deep-seated belief: access to healthcare is an inherent right, not a luxury. This guiding tenet propels the facility to provide a spectrum of medical treatments, from essential dialysis to intricate transplant operations, at no charge to every individual, regardless of their economic means. 
The unveiling of a cutting-edge tertiary healthcare complex in Sukkur marks a significant stride in SIUT's quest to broaden its impact. Occupying an expanse of 27 acres, this advanced center is outfitted with the latest medical innovations, designed to cater to the escalating health demands of the underserved rural populace. 

SIUT Sukkur's influence extends far beyond local confines, drawing vital support from global entities such as SIUT North America. This international cooperation has been instrumental in securing essential medical apparatus donations, thereby reinforcing SIUT's dedication to delivering superior healthcare services.

SIUT Sukkur's expansion is not just about scaling up medical capabilities; it's about nurturing an environment filled with compassion and respect. The institute's approach to healthcare provision sets a benchmark for replication, showcasing that care delivered with kindness is achievable on a global scale.

Contact Details of NICVD

Address: Rafiqui (H.J.) Shaheed Road, Karachi- 75510, Pakistan
Phone: +92-21-99201271-5
Fax: +92-21-99201287
Website: NICVD.ORG


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