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Thursday, April 4, 2024

Sukkur IBA’s Student Portal: Revolutionizing the Learning Experience for Students

Navigating the Digital Campus: The Student Portal of Sukkur IBA University

Nestled within the vibrant Sindh region of Pakistan, Sukkur IBA University emerges as a pillar of academic excellence. With a forward-thinking approach, the institution has launched an extensive Student Portal, a digital hub that provides access to an array of tools and facilities aimed at enriching the student journey in higher education.

Utilizing the Portal:

The university's digital portal welcomes students with their unique CMS ID and password, unveiling a customized dashboard that mirrors their educational progress. This centralized platform is the go-to resource for accessing academic transcripts, timetables, and critical updates, streamlining the academic experience.

Resources Within Reach:

The Student Resources segment offers a comprehensive suite of information. It encompasses everything from detailed class schedules to the comprehensive student manual, and from the grading system to exam protocols, ensuring students have all they need for a seamless academic experience.

Technical Assistance at Hand:

The portal's technical support section provides an efficient password retrieval system for users facing login issues or forgotten credentials. This feature guarantees that students can swiftly restore their access, ensuring an uninterrupted educational journey.
Advancing into Tomorrow:

Sukkur IBA’s Digital Gateway: Streamlining Student Life with a Click

The student portal at Sukkur IBA University is a shining example of the university's pledge to integrate cutting-edge technology for a streamlined and effective learning environment. It stands as a symbol of the university's progressive mindset and its resolve to equip students for the demands of the contemporary landscape.


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Tuesday, April 2, 2024

Sukkur Board’s Class X Results 2024: Unveiling the Future of Education

Sukkur Board 10th Class Results 2024: A Comprehensive Guide

Students eagerly checking the Sukkur Board’s Class X results posted on the school’s announcement board.

The excitement surrounding the release of the 10th class results from the Sukkur Board in 2024 is evident among the student community, their families, and teachers. Recognizing the significance of these results in shaping a student’s educational path, it’s essential to comprehend the procedures for obtaining them and to be well-informed about how to access them once announced.

Understanding the Importance of 10th Class Results

The outcomes of the 10th class examinations from the Sukkur Board are widely regarded as a measure of scholarly achievement and play a critical role in shaping the future educational direction of the students. These results are a testament to the students’ relentless effort and commitment throughout the school year.

How to Check the Sukkur Board 10th Class Results

The Sukkur Board’s 10th class exam scores are usually declared in July. Learners can verify their scores on the BISE Sukkur’s official portal by submitting their credentials, including their name and roll number. Moreover, the results can also be obtained through SMS, by dispatching the roll number to a specified contact.

Preparation for Results Day

Ensure Seamless Access to Sukkur Board Results: Be Prepared

To facilitate a smooth experience on the results day for the Sukkur Board’s 10th class, students should keep their roll numbers within easy reach and regularly visit the BISE Sukkur’s official site for the latest information. A reliable internet connection is also crucial to prevent any hindrance while retrieving the results promptly.

What Next After the Results?

Navigating Future Academic Paths: Critical Decisions After Results

Once the Sukkur Board’s 10th class results are published, it is imperative for students to thoughtfully consider their higher education prospects. Selecting an academic discipline or gearing up for qualifying examinations are crucial steps that will shape their educational journey ahead

Anticipating Sukkur Board’s 10th Class Results: A Key Academic Milestone

The announcement of the 10th class results by the Sukkur Board is a highly anticipated occasion in the scholastic year. With adequate preparation and access to the latest updates, students can effortlessly transition through this phase, laying a solid foundation for their subsequent academic pursuits.


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Sukkur Board of Education: What You Need to Know

IBA Sukkur: Empowering Minds, Shaping Futures

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Wednesday, July 5, 2023

Aror University Sukkur

Aror University is a public sector university located in Sukkur, Sindh, Pakistan. It is also known as Aror University of Art, Architecture, Design and Heritage1. The university was established by the government of Sindh through an act of parliament on Monday 15 June 20201. It offers graduate, postgraduate and advanced studies in the field of architecture, textile design, civil engineering, media sciences, archeology, photography, interior design, communication design, ceramics and other disciplines
Aror University Sukkur
Aror University of Art, Architecture, Design Heritage is a government university located in Sindh, Pakistan. It offers undergraduate degree programs in Architecture, Fine Arts, and Textile Design for students from Sindh province and other provinces of Pakistan1. The university accepts applications for admission to its BS programs. The last date for submission of the application form for admission is 28th September 20223. You can visit their official website or contact their admissions office for more detailed information on the admission process.  

Aror University Sukkur 
  • Admissions Query
  •  0325-2278377
  • For Admissions Query 0325-2278377 Address: Rohri Bypass 

    Sunday, July 2, 2023

    Education Department

     District Sukkur and Talukas education Rohri, Pano Aqil, Salehpat, and New Sukkur Govt education organized by: Government Of Sindh, The Sukkur madrassahs owe their origin to a desire on the part of the Muslims of Sukkur to promote education, teaching of the Quran. Government Elementary School Rohri Gangotri Ground Rohri Government Girls High School Rohri Government Boys School Shahdadoo Muhallah Rohri Government Vocational Institute for Women Government Boys High School, Badil Beqas, Rohri Government Boys High School Dodanko, Rohri Government Boys High School Ali Wahan, Rohri Government Boys High School Kandhra, Rohri Government Boys High School Sangrar, Salehpat Government Girls High School Loung Bhatti, Rohri Government Girls High School Loco Shed, Rohri Government Girls High School Lutuf Ali Jagirani, Kandhra, Rohri Government Boys Middle School Abejano, Salahpat Government Boys Middle School CHOONGA, Pano Akil Government Boys Middle School Arore, Rohri Government Boys Middle School Sayed Shafquat Hussain Shah Musavi Hamanloi, Rohri Government Sayed Atta Hussain Shah Musavi Degree College Rohri Government Boys School Shahdadoo Muhallah Army Public School and College Bukkur, Rohri Government Islamia Science College Sukkur Government Degree College, Shikarpur Road Sukkur Government Girls Degree College Government Technical College Golimar Sukkur Sardar Ghulam Muhammad Khan Mahar Medical College Public School Sukkur SUKKUR-IBA COMIST Sukkur SisTech Sukkur Super Public High School Rohri Regd. Govt Atta Hussain Shah Musavi Degree College Rohri Govt Atta Hussain Shah Musavi Degree College Rohri Public School Sukkur Public School Sukkur

    Institute of Business Administration Campus IBA Thatta building handed over

     Sukkur Institute of Business Administration Campus IBA , Chief Minister of Sindh Syed Murad Ali Shah is the 36th Chief Minister of Sindh, Former Minister of Irrigation, Government of Sindh Former Finance Minister, giving approved to Thatta IBA Campus Handed over Sukkur IBA University. Divisional Commissioner, Hyderabad Muhammad Abbas Baloch said this on Wednesday while expressing his views on the IBA Thatta campus’ handing over ceremony. Chief Engineer Building, Hyderabad, Akhtar Hussain Daouch, handed over the campus building to the Sukkur IBA University’s Vice Chancellor Syed Mir Muhammad Shah. In terms of weather, Thatta is a very good area of Sindh while the area would become more prosperous with the commencement of educational activities on campus.

    Sukkur IBA University

    Online Apply IBA Sukkur
    IBA Sukkur test result
    Contact Us
    Sukkur IBA University
    Nisar Ahmed Siddiqui Road
    Sukkur Sindh, Pakistan
    Telephone: 071-5644000 / 05

    Online Apply IBA Sukkur

    Govt Atta Hussain Shah Musavi Degree College


    Govt Atta Hussain Shah Musavi Degree College

    This College was established in 1964 by a prominent educationists Mr. Sayed Atta Hussain Shah Musavi, for catering to the educational meets of the town and its suburbs. Eventually the college was nationalised in 1972.

    سيد عطا حسين شاه موسوي (28 آڪٽوبر 1898ع – 8 جون 1966ع) روهڙي

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