Minaret of Masoom Shah Jo Munaro

The minaret of Syed Nizamuddin Mir Muhammad Masoom Shah is the most conspicuous structure of Sukkur town. Syed Masum Shah was the governor of Mughal Emperor Akbar who appointed him as the Nawab of Sukkur. The minaret was built in about 1607 A.D. the monument, built of red brick is more or less conical in shape, slightly off the perpendicular and surmounted by a dome to which an internal stone staircase gives an access. It is about 26 meters in circumference and has 84 steps to the top. It is about 31 meters feet in height and can be seen from miles away. This minaret is believed to have been used as a watch tower.

Masoom Shah Jo Munaro (Munaro in Sindhi Language for Minaret)
Minaret of Masum Shah, Masoom Shah or Masum Shah

Masoom Shah Jo Munaro
Masoom Shah Jo Munaro
Masoom Shah Jo Munaro
Masoom Shah Jo Munaro Night View

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