Sukkur District Madarsa

The Sukkur Madrasa or madrassahs owe their origin to a desire on the part of the Muslims of Sukkur to promote education amongst their co – religionists. A Board was formed in 1906, with the local Collector as president, with the object of establishing a Madrasa. That same year the foundation stone was laid for the first Madrasa to be established in the District in modern times. The inscription on the stone reads:
Madrassah-rul-Islam, Sukkur

This foundation laid by H.E. the Rt. Hon. Lord Lamincton Ocmeccle R. Coxon, J.P., Governor of Bombay on 3rd January 1906.
In 1911, a project to build a boarding house was launched. One storey was constructed that year at a cost of Rs 17,236 an upper store y was added in 1941 at a cost of Rs 6,750. The building stands on Minaret Road, opposite the High School. It remained in the possession of the District Madrasah Board until 1960, when it was given by the Board to the Government High School and used as an annex until May 1962. It was then handed over to a management board, with a view to setting up a girls college in it. In October 1968, Agha Nizamuddin Girls College started functioning in the building. The District Madrasah Board Girls High School, run by the same management board, was nearby. After nationalization in 1972 both establishments were taken over by the Government and are still under its control.

What Is Madrasa or madrasah:

in modern usage, the Arabic word is the name of an institution of learning where the Islamic sciences are taught, i.e a college for higher studies, as opposed to an elementary school of traditional type (A. Kuttab). In medieval usage, it was essentially a college of Law in which the other Islamic sciences, including Literary and philosophical ones, were ancillary only.

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