Sukkur District is very peaceful and historical place, people are good and cooperative. Sukkur is the name that has symbolized it self as an emblem for the Sindhi culture Sukkur as it is now is the third largest city of Sindh. Sukkur is an important road and rail junction while traveling between Karachi, Lahore and Quetta. The climate here tends to be in the extremes but in a mild manner. The summers are hot while the winters are cold and dry. Tourist attractions Sukkur district shares northern border with Shikarpur and recently constituted Kashmore district. Ghokti is located on the north eastern side while Khairpur on the south. Sukkur also shares its border with India Jaisalmer, Rajasthan. Sukkur is also connected by road, air with all major cities of Pakistan. Muslim Shrines and a river island having a Hindu temple are of particular interest for locals and visitors a like. Shooting of game birds is possible in the nearby lakes, canals and green spots around Sukkur.

Historical city of Rohri  War Mubarak, Sukkur Barrage, Tomb of Khairuddin Shah Jeay Shah,  Sateen Jo Aastan, Tomb of Abdul Baqi Purani, Minaret Masoom Shah, Lansdowne Bridge, Good to See Shahi Bazaar, Frere Road, Ayub Gate, Locus Park, Qasim Park, Purana Sukkur Old Sukkur, Sheikh Shaheen Road Sukkur. Natural and wild live more important Indus Dolphin is a unique animal found only in the river Indus.


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