Aims and Objectives

Welcome in Sindhi language
Welcome in Sindhi language

Hello Dear Friends Aslam e Qum here is my Aims and Objectives about my city, My name is Sayed Sajjad Hussain Shah Musavi From Rohri City here is my some views giving below, The Sukkur District is very peaceful and historical place, people are good and cooperative.Historical city of Rohri War Mubarak, Sukkur Barrage,Tomb of Khairuddin Shah Jeay Shah, Sateen Jo Aastan, Tomb of Abdul Baqi Purani, Minaret Masoom Shah, Lansdowne Bridge, Good to See Shahi Bazaar, Frere Road, Ayub Gate, Looks Parak, Qasim Park, Purana Sukkur Old Sukkur, Sheikh Shaheen Road Sukkur. Natural and wild live more important Indus Dolphin is a unique animal found only in the river Indus.

To introduce an The Ancient City
To provide complete information about city
To help the Historians and Researchers
To attract tourists and promote tourism

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